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The Games are expected to bring Queensland $8.1 billion in benefits, comprising a $4.6 billion revenue boost for tourism and a $3.5 billion boost for improvements in society. A Queensland Games are expected to generate 129,000 employment in the tourist, hospitality, and construction industries, according to a government report. From 2021 through 2036, a $20 billion increase in tourism is predicted.

The SEQ City Deal is a 20-year partnership between the federal, state, and local governments that will supply the infrastructure that will shape the region from 2022 to 2042. It will result in a large foundational project of more than $1.8B, which will expand digital and transit connectivity and improve livability while also generating thousands of jobs

By 2031, it is anticipated that the Toowoomba Region would increase by 32,830 households overall. Toowoomba West, Toowoomba South-East, Highfields, and Westbrook are expected to see significant.

The area has changed its agricultural foundation into a broad and robust economy that offers a range of commercial, job opportunities, and investment prospects, including $4.3 billion in projects already under way, $10.2 billion in projects that have been approved, and $4.3 billion in projects that have been proposed. This represents a $5.7B boost from 2020.

Australia’s food production is dominated by Toowoomba and the areas around it, including the Maranoa, Western Downs, Southern Downs, Goondiwindi, Burnett, and Moree districts.

80% of the avocados grown in Australia and 85.4% of the $127 million worth of eggs produced in QLD are produced in Toowoomba.

By 2031, it is anticipated that the population of the Darling Heights region, which includes Kearneys Spring, would increase by 57.4%. By 2031, it is anticipated that the population of West Toowoomba will grow by 53.7%, Highfields by 50.2%, North Toowoomba-Harlaxton by 34.2%, and Drayton-Harristown by 45.9%.

Toowoomba Enterprise Hub

One of Australia’s most important business, logistical, and transportation areas. The 500ha Wellcamp Business Park, Witmack Industry Park, Charlton Logistics Park, and the InterLinkSQ all include Wellcamp Airport and provide access to air, road, and rail connectivity.

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